Baby Girl Floral Bibs

By Casey Corey

Baby Girl Floral Bibs

fabric for baby girl bib set

I often have a bit of fabric left over from making a custom baby quilt. Sometimes I accidentally order too much fabric or sometimes I can only order a set amount from the fabric company even though I only need a 1/3 of that fabric. When I have extra, I have a few options but by far my favorite is to share the fabric with all of you by making a bib set!

baby girl bib set with floral fabrics in pinks and greens

Enter the gorgeous Nina Bib Set. A handmade, floral bib set with three striking patterns: two Liberty of London fabrics and a succulent fabric found on Spoonflower. A pink and green color scheme bring these three fabrics together. Pink plastic snaps make these hard for baby to rip off herself. 

back of baby girl bib set with organic fleece

As always, these bibs come with the Organic Fleece or Organic Terry Cloth backing options. They also come in either the long or bandana styles, although just the bandana is pictured here. 

baby girl quilt hanging in baby nursery

Because this set came from extra fabric from a quilt, this is a very limited edition. Once they are sold out, they are gone forever. I really love making these bibs though. They just feel fun. Feminine and strong. Cute and sturdy. Everything you want from baby girl’s bibs. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what a lovely companion these are to our other Liberty of London bib set- Les Fleur Babies Bib Set (from the 2020 Fall Bib Collection). This set is focused on a red and yellow color scheme. It was a planned set, so it’s not as limited as the Nina Bib Set. But, just like the Nina set, they come with the same backing and style options. 

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