Creating a Custom Quilt : A Blog Series, Part 1

By Casey Corey

Creating a Custom Quilt : A Blog Series, Part 1

One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is how to purchase a custom quilt? I get it! It’s confusing. I decided to start a blog series to explain it (until I figure out a better way to organize it on the website). To order a custom handmade baby quilt, there are two options: (1) customize a design; or (2) create a fully custom quilt. 

Design a Custom Quilt by Choosing Colors with an Existing Design

The first option is to customize an established design. I have four gorgeous, fun designs to choose from: (1) Raindance Quilt; (2) Nostalgia Quilt; (3) Everything Quilt; and (4) Ombre Quilt. Each page has a little more detail about the different designs, but basically you choose the colors and the backing! After you choose the colors, I will create a mock-up of the quilt and send it to you for approval. Once approved, I order the fabric and get started as soon as the fabrics arrive. I do prewash all of the fabrics so you shouldn’t have to worry about color bleeding on your first wash. Parents have enough to worry about. 

The second option for creating a custom quilt is to start from scratch

The second option is to start from scratch and completely create your own design. Sometimes, that means requesting a rocket ship quilt for your toddler’s new bed. Maybe you saw some fabrics that you’re dying to have included and none of my existing designs are quite right for them. Or maybe you want something to represent your family at this moment in time, but don’t really know where to go from there. Whatever the source of inspiration, I got you. I will create a few mock-up designs and send to you for comments and tweaking. Once you decide on the design that feels right, I’ll order the fabric and get started as soon as it arrives. 

baby girl quilt with greens and pinksman in space suit wrapped in space quilt

The fully custom design is more expensive than customizing an established design for what is a pretty obvious reason: it’s a lot more time consuming. We have to create a brand new design and I get to do a lot more math. It’s rewarding and I love it, but the math has already been done on the establish designs. With either option, you can choose any size- baby, toddler, twin, full or even something larger. It’s custom for your needs and I’m thrilled to make that happen for you.

green quilt with a diamond to represent each grandchild

Whichever option you choose, your Casey Sheila Quilts heirloom is sure to delight. And please share photos! I live to see your quilts in use. Part 2 of creating a custom quilt is going to focus on customizing the Raindance Quilt. Coming next week!