Custom Ellsworth Kelly Quilt

By Casey Corey

Custom Ellsworth Kelly Quilt

"I have worked to free shape from its ground, and then to work the shape so that it has a definite relationship to the space around it." -Ellsworth Kelly

When I was commissioned to create a custom quilt based on the artist that made huge strides in hard-edge painting, Color Field painting, and minimalism, I couldn't resist. 

quilt getting basted with safety pins

The client wanted a quilt based on the "In and Out of Paris" painting.  According to MoMA, "After the ravages of World War II, Paris once again became the place where young artists gathered and picked up conversations about what art should be. Through contact with an older generation of avant-garde practitioners, they were exposed to the use of chance composition, primary color palettes, and geometric abstraction, which they applied in increasingly radical experiments. As artist Ellsworth Kelly remembered: “At the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, I noticed the large windows between the paintings interested me more than the art exhibited. . . . From then on, painting as I had known it was finished for me.” By the end of the 1940s, these vocabularies had opened up new spaces for abstract painting. The contacts made in Paris between artists from places as far afield as the United States, Latin America, and Eastern Europe became an ongoing network of exchange, crossing ideological divides and the boundaries created by Cold War politics."  Did I mention how fun this project was yet?

white fabric on the back of a quilt

quilt based on Ellsworth Kelly painting

The client made a few changes. We used navy blue instead of black, a super skinny white binding, and a white background with a hanging sleeve so the client can lovingly display this quilted art. A truly one of a kind, modern Casey Sheila Quilts

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