Ellsworth Kelly Wall Quilt

By Casey Corey

Ellsworth Kelly Wall Quilt

“The negative is just as important as the positive.” -Ellsworth Kelly

colorful wall quilt styled with pumpkins

This was my second wall quilt based on Ellsworth Kelly’s “In and Out of Paris” painting. It was just as fun as the first time and I learned just as much making this piece as the first one. 

ellsworth kelly wall quilt

ellsworth kelly wall quilt close up

The color and white square spacing fascinates me in this modern, handmade quilt. I spent most of my time while piecing the front of this quilt looking for patterns and exploring how the white squares balanced all of the bright, bold color squares.

basting ellsworth kelly wall quilt

basting ellsworth kelly wall quilt

Each time I make this quilt, I’m hyper focused on the slightly different shades of each color used. It doesn’t translate 100% perfectly into the color options available in fabric, but I think we got pretty close.

quilting ellsworth kelly quilt

The front and back of this quilt are 100% cotton. I created a hanging sleeve for the back so this quilt could also be used as a wall quilt. While making the sleeve, I became inspired to explore other ways to hang quilts. There are so many creative options, but I’d really love to create a modern, minimalist quilt hanger for my clients. Working on a few prototypes now and hope to have them available soon.

christmas order by deadline for a custom quilt image

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