Mother's Day 2022

By Casey Corey

Mother's Day 2022

I write this today with my two year old on my lap. As you may infer- he has completely embraced his middle child position. 

My husband and I stumbled on an old TED talk from Brené Brown the other day and of course, I was captivated the entire time. One of her key mantras (if you will) was:

You are imperfect 
You are wired for struggle
But you are worthy of love and belonging

This phrase really hit home for me at this point in my life (I’m really behind on the Brené Brown train). Becoming a mother to three littles, today’s celebration, and all of the recent headlines has me consistently evaluating my relationship with myself, my kids, my husband, and frankly- everyone! It feels crushing at times. But when I remember we really  just want to be reminded that we are worthy of love and belonging- well, it simplifies things.

So I think I’ll leave today’s note simple too: I’m so grateful for my community of strong females (which includes all of you!) who remind me and my children that we are worthy of love and belonging. You are the real MVPs. Today, I celebrate you (and myself). You too are loved and you too belong. Happy Mother’s Day. 

Sending hugs and so much gratitude, 


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orange and yellow quilted pillows with two oranges on top

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