Official Gift Buyer's Guide for Casey Sheila Quilts

By Casey Corey

Official Gift Buyer's Guide for Casey Sheila Quilts

So you're in the market to buy a heartwarming, high-quality, handmade gift from Casey Sheila Quilts, but you don't quite know what to get. Don't worry, we are here to help! Every one of our products makes for a fantastic gift in their own special way, and that is what we will elaborate on in this very blog post.  

Bibs: We have a fantastic collection of handmade baby bibs which come in a variety of collections including Sugar Babies, Sun Babies, Orion's Babies, Mer-Babies and the ever so popular Party Babies.  The bibs come with two different kinds of backings: fleece for super softness and terry cloth for absorption.

The bibs come in sets of three and in two main patterns; the bandana bibs for a casual cool look and long bibs for those babies that seem to get their food everywhere but their mouths. The best part about getting these bibs as a present, is that you can get multiple sets to ensure satisfaction and new collections come out every couple months so they can come back for more if they love them - which we are certain they will.  

Quilts: A modern baby quilt is a truly special gift to give someone. We bring modern designs to a traditional gift concept that can stay with a baby as they grow to become a child and even be passed down to their children. Handmade and 100% cotton, they are soft to the touch, but durable for washing and everything else life throws at them. 

The patterns provided by our quilts include flying geese, modern triangle, classic squares and equilateral triangles. Upon purchasing a quilt with one of these patterns, you can then customize the colors, backing, binding and more or just give me an idea of what type of quilt the person receiving the gift would enjoy. Having given quilts as gifts before, I can assure you it will be very well received.  

Pillows: Our quilted pillows are really special, especially when paired with a matching quilt. The patterns are the same as the quilts so putting them together is a seamless process (pun intended).

I very much appreciate you taking the time to read my guide and will reward you with a 10% discount - just for you so don't tell anyone. Use coupon code gift10 at checkout.