Rainbow Baby Quilts

By Casey Corey

Baby with Rainbow Quilt

A client custom ordered a whole cloth modern baby quilt for each of her girls to take to pre-school. She wanted one side to be “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and the other side to be “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” For her girly girl, we went with pink. And for the more wild sister: purple.  

Twin girl rainbows and stars quilt

For “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, we used a rainbow themed fabric. The pink rainbows have gold (of course) and mini repeating rainbows, while the purple rainbows are much larger.   And “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” uses the same celestial fabric for each quilt, one in pink and the other in grey.

Pink Rainbow Quilt with Stars

Large Pink Rainbow

Both quilts were hand bound with a coordinating striped fabric.

Close up on Binding on Rainbow and Star Quilt

And of course, we had to use a diamond pattern to quilt these 40” x 45” quilts together. We naturally used pink and purple cotton thread, respectively.

Gold Striped Fabric on Rainbow and Star Quilt

Purple Striped Fabric Binding on Rainbow and Stars Quilt

Starting pre-school can be scary and intimidating. Hopefully these soft, sweet rainbow and star quilts bring a little comfort in those first few days. We can’t wait to see the girls snuggling with their handmade baby quilts. 

Custom orders are open. Please send an email to casey@caseysheilaquilts.com to create yours.