Blankie Quilts Are Here!

By Casey Corey

Blankie Quilts Are Here!

I am so excited to announce that we have a new product! Blankie Quilts are now available! These modern wholecloth quilts are perfect for any age from babies to big kids. They have a modern fabric choice on the front and a coordinating solid color fabric on the back. You may notice that they also match our handmade baby bibs.  

pink quilt with surfer girls and toddler feet poking out underneath

pink surfer baby bibs

A lot of children form some kind of attachment to an object that they use to go to sleep. A lovey, if you will. My lovey was a very well loved blankie that I brought everywhere with me for years. I have so many childhood photos with my blankie in my hand and my thumb in my mouth. While I no longer suck my thumb, I did sadly lose my blankie during a Disney trip. It was a traumatic day and I mourned the loss of my blankie for a long time.

little boy peeking out underneath quilt

These blankie quilts are largely inspired by own lovey. They are a really versatile quilt that can provide comfort and love to the children in your life for years. They might start off as nursery decor when baby is too young to have blankets in his or her crib, but can be used for years to come. 

rolled up children's quilt

folded up children/s quilt

They are slender, making it easy to fold or roll up bringing with on the road. Perfect for family trips while you’re out making memories. 

three kids laying in bed under quilts

They wash easily if you plan to send it to daycare or preschool, but also because kids are messy. 

three kids laying under a quilt eating an apple

The modern fabrics make them all the more cute and lovable.

six quilts laying on top of each other

We currently have six options for the Blankie Quilt: (1) Swanderful; (2) Surfer Girls, (3) Bumble Baby; (4) Swan-derful; (5) Wild Things, and (6) Panda Baby. 

boy dragging quilt upstairs

If there’s a baby bib set you’d love a matching Blankie Quilt for but don’t see that we currently offer a coordinating quilt for, please send an email to