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By Casey Corey

Currently: August

It’s mid-August already. Still hot, hot, hot but we’ve been cranking up the a/c and when we go outside, we usually end up in the pool or playing with the kids’ water table.  Here’s what else we’ve been up to: 

Watching Friday Night Lights. Yes, I finally finished Gilmore Girls. It was a sad day, but here we are: clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. 

Wanting some Crispy Cups. Except I eat the whole box in 3 days, so I have to limit how my purchases. But also, Alice likes them, too. 

Making rosemary bread. Brian attempted the first loaf and it didn’t rise. Hoping loaf #2 fares better. 

polar bear fabric for quilt

Sewing a traditional flying geese quilt for Dylan. His nursery is arctic themed. He has these two really cute polar bear prints hanging near his crib and I knew I wanted polar bear fabric for the backing, but I had no idea what to do for the top. And then I decided he needed the same pattern that Alice had on top, and it all came together pretty quickly after that. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish his quilted pillow before he turns 2. 

Reading nothing.  I do have How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen on deck. 

Loving mango popsicles. Alice asked for one and I said no. I have no idea why she has trouble sharing her toys.

birthday girl blowing out her candlesbirthday boy eating his cupcake

Feeling all the feels.  My babies turned 3 and 1 this month.  Dylan was super into the frosting on his cupcakes and Alice was super into the gifts.  

Thinking up a new half square quilt design to go with the upcoming Heather Ross Malibu fabric collection. I want every single fabric in that collection. 

 Sending big, virtual hugs as always.  Xoxo.

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