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Blankie Quilts Are Here!

By Casey Corey

Blankie Quilts Are Here!

I am so excited to announce that we have a new product! Blankie Quilts are now available! These modern wholecloth quilts are perfect for any age from babies to big kids. They have a modern fabric choice on the front and a coordinating solid color fabric on the back. You may notice that they also match our handmade baby bibs.  

pink quilt with surfer girls and toddler feet poking out underneath

pink surfer baby bibs

A lot of children form some kind of attachment to an object that they use to go to sleep. A lovey, if you will. My lovey was a very well loved blankie that I brought everywhere with me for years. I have so many childhood photos with my blankie in my hand and my thumb in my mouth. While I no longer suck my thumb, I did sadly lose my blankie during a Disney trip. It was a traumatic day and I mourned the loss of my blankie for a long time.

little boy peeking out underneath quilt

These blankie quilts are largely inspired by own lovey. They are a really versatile quilt that can provide comfort and love to the children in your life for years. They might start off as nursery decor when baby is too young to have blankets in his or her crib, but can be used for years to come. 

rolled up children's quilt

folded up children/s quilt

They are slender, making it easy to fold or roll up bringing with on the road. Perfect for family trips while you’re out making memories. 

three kids laying in bed under quilts

They wash easily if you plan to send it to daycare or preschool, but also because kids are messy. 

three kids laying under a quilt eating an apple

The modern fabrics make them all the more cute and lovable.

six quilts laying on top of each other

We currently have six options for the Blankie Quilt: (1) Swanderful; (2) Surfer Girls, (3) Bumble Baby; (4) Swan-derful; (5) Wild Things, and (6) Panda Baby. 

boy dragging quilt upstairs

If there’s a baby bib set you’d love a matching Blankie Quilt for but don’t see that we currently offer a coordinating quilt for, please send an email to 

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Les Fleurs Quilt: A wholecloth children’s quilt

By Casey Corey

Toddler eating popsicle in front of couch with handmade quilt

The Les Fleurs handmade baby bib set has a been a long time favorite of mine. The deep red is so vibrant, full, and luscious. The flowers are happy. The set can be dressed up or down. The perfect fancy set for a wedding or for another day hanging out with momma at home. 

Last year, I was asked to create a quilted pillow using these fabrics. We decided on a black zipper with red on the back. 

The client loved it and decided her baby girl who was turning ONE needed a matching handmade quilt. I couldn’t agree more. 

This handmade wholecloth quilt is a dream. (And hopefully encourages sweet dreaming and snuggling for baby girl who is officially now a toddler). 

Just like the pillow, we used the red floral fabric on the front and the solid red fabric on the back. I quilted her up using diagonal lines to create elegant diamonds with an organic, coordinating yellow thread. 

I used the yellow speckled fabric to create a bold binding for this modern, custom quilt. The final quilt was about 40” x 45”. The perfect size to take on the go- daycare naps or weekend adventures. But also the perfect size to hang on the crib and keep at home for imaginative play and sweet slumbers. 

I’m obsessed and was so happy to create this custom quilt for the client. If you’ve been eyeing a bib set that would make the perfect handmade wholecloth quilt for the little one in your life, please send an email to

This quilt may not or may not have inspired a brand new line of quilts soon to be available at Casey Sheila Quilts. Subscribe to the email newsletter to stay in the know!

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New Handmade Quilt Collection Coming Soon

By Casey Corey

New Handmade Quilt Collection Coming Soon

 Today, I am giving you some sneak peeks at the new product that’s launching this summer. Sometimes I wonder if I should give early glimpses at the product with my iPhone pictures when there will be really lovely professional photos taken. Then I remember I’m in charge and there are no rules. So, here we are. 

rolled up handmade whole cloth quilt

This modern children’s quilt collection was inspired by a couple of sources. First, I’ve had several requests for custom whole cloth quilts using fabrics from the bib collections. These quilts are easier to visualize- the fabrics are already there to see and can match a bib set if you wanted to give both as a gift to the baby in your life. Even if you’re gifting it to your own baby. 

handmade whole cloth quilt

Second, this may not surprise you but I had a security blanket growing up. I brought it with me everywhere. Sucking on my thumb with my blanket hanging from the same hand. I still can’t sleep without a quilt or blanket on top of me even if it is a special kind of hot (think no power post hurricane in the middle of Florida summer hot). 

handmade whole cloth quilt

handmade whole cloth quilt

handmade whole cloth quilt

So, I created a quilt that would be easier for a child to carry around with them but would be just as special for the child. It will be about 40” x 45”- the perfect size to bring to daycare or a nap on the go. The perfect size to drape across their little bodies at quiet time. And the perfect size to get a really good burrito roll. 

I’ve probably said too much. Can’t wait to show you more! Make sure you subscribe to our email newsletters to stay in touch. Have a custom handmade quilt in mind of your own? Send an email to Custom orders are currently open!

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How We Use Our Children’s Quilts

By Casey Corey

How We Use Our Children’s Quilts

If you’ve been following along on social media, then you know I have three silly and wonderful kids: a four year old, a two year old, and a three month old. I thought it would be fun to share with you how they use their children's quilts. What started off as a handmade baby quilt for each of them has evolved over time as they grow.

All of my babies used their quilts as soon as we got home from the hospital. It’s a soft place for them to lay down for playtime and tummy time. Spit up is of course inevitable. I machine wash the quilts and they have all held up well. We also use them as the backdrop for their monthly photos.

My two year old now uses his quilt for pretend play. I love watching their imaginations come alive. There are many games of being a ghost, peek a boo with the baby, and pretend sleeping. Pretend sleeping is when they get all cozy on the floor with pillows, the quilts, turn off the lights, wake up 15 seconds later and do it all over again. Ah, the repetitive life of a toddler.

My four year old now uses her quilt to sleep with every night. If I’m being honest, she’s still in her crib (without the railing attached). We are waiting on some home renovations to finish before upgrading her to a big girl bed. But she delicately and purposely hangs the quilt on the side of her crib every morning. The quilt has been through so many washes at this point between spit up, messes, and night time potty training. Her children’s quilt has proven durable and soft. I will make her a bigger one when the time comes and save her baby quilt for picnics, imaginative play, and hopefully one day for her babies (should she choose to have children). 

I offer custom quilts and two quilt collections right now: Wild Things and Pout Pout Fish (of course, inspired by the legendary books). They are all made to order in baby, toddler, and twin sizes. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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Where I Find Inspiration for Baby Bibs: Part 2

By Casey Corey

Where I Find Inspiration for Baby Bibs: Part 2

In the first part of this blog series, I explained that part of my inspiration for baby bib sets was simply falling in love with a modern fabric. 

A bunch of baby bibs on a white table

Once I find a print that I love and that print is on a cotton fabric soft enough to put on a baby, I create a whole set around that print. The set usually includes a matching solid bib and a complementary pattern bib that doesn’t upstage the star of the set. All three bibs work well together so they can be grouped together as a set but of course, they look good independently (because obviously that’s how they’ll be worn).

Pink surfer girl themed baby bibs

Another inspiration behind the handmade baby bib sets is you! When I work on a custom, handmade children’s quilt, the client and I collaborate on the fabrics that will be used in the quilt. I often find myself ordering extra fabric (in case I make a mistake and need extra fabric and… to create a limited edition bib set!). 

Custom baby girl quilt
Matching baby girl bibs with succulent on white table

I mean, when the client asked for the Liberty of London Strawberry Thief fabric in this baby girl quilt- it was obvious we needed coordinating bibs for a limited release.

Flamingo themed baby bib

Other times, I get a special request for a certain theme and all of the stars align so that it makes sense to create limited release set. That’s how the Flamingo Babies Bib Set was created. After I released the Flamingo Babies Bib Set, you all asked the solid color to also be available in blue. Why not? Great idea.

Purple rainbow themed baby bib set

Like all good things, the limited edition sets are just that- limited. They are available in smaller quantities than the rest of the bib sets. So if something catches your eye, don’t snooze. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

If you have any questions or requests, please reach out to me at I love talking inspiration and customizations. Custom orders for quilts are also open for 2022. Just send me an email at and I’ll walk you through the process.

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Children's Quilt Sizes Now Available!

By Casey Corey

Children's Quilt Sizes Now Available!

Big news! I am pleased to announce I am expanding the sizes of our handmade quilts!

3 baby size handmade quilts
Baby laying on a handmade crib sized quilt


Casey Sheila Quilts started off as an exclusive modern, handmade baby quilt company. ( I have, of course, always offered our handmade bibs.) But, when I launched our Wild Things collection, the quilts were just available in baby sizes. I started off with the classic 40” x 40” and slowly offered more baby sizes: crib (30” x 50”) and the toddler size (40” x 50”). 

Queen sized space quilt

Throw sized handmade quilt

Boy standing with quilt in the woods

As I worked on custom quilt orders, I realized I needed to expand our size selections. Quilts are obviously not just for babies- although it is so fun to custom design a quilt for a brand new baby!

Boy snuggling under quilt reading

Quality, handmade quilts are for life. A child growing out of his crib and moving to a toddler, twin or full size bed is a huge milestone. The quilts should get to grow with your children. So after your baby outgrows his baby quilt, he can still snuggle in his brand new bed with a modern, handmade children’s quilt created by yours truly.

2 toddlers reading under a twin sized handmade quilt

All this to say- Casey Sheila Quilts are now available in twin/full sizes! The Pout Pout Fish Collection already has the new sizes listed. All future collections will be available in the twin/full size. And the custom quilts remain completely custom- so any size you want! Can’t wait to get creating for you and your babies (because even when they’re 12, they’re still your baby). 

2 boys snuggled under baby size quilt on the beach

(And yes! I am still offering the same baby sizes as always (crib, baby, and toddler). I’m so excited about this opportunity to expand and grow with your families).

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