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Beach Quilt

By Casey Corey

Beach Quilt

Laying out around 7’ x 7’, this quilt is as practical as it is pretty.  Our customer requested a custom quilt for a family of three that was soon to be a family of 4.  The family loves a good beach adventure and they wanted something that was practical, but fun.  And something that would let them all sit together while watching the waves crash.  Enter the Beach Quilt.  

Blue and Yellow Quilt on Beach

The Beach Quilt has a Terry Cloth backing (basically, a towel-like material).  It’s durable enough for laying on wet sand and repeated machine washing. And yet, still soft.  We really only believe in creating soft things here at Casey Sheila Quilts

The top of this modern handmade quilt is a cotton yellow and ombre blues.  The yellow is very light- maybe it reminds you of the sand or maybe the sun?  The ombre blues are reminiscent of crashing waves and the different layers of blue you see as you look through the water.  

Longarm quilting

Long-arm quilter, Pieced Pineapple Studio, LLC, chose a perfect blue thread to weave together the different layers.  She created soft, wave-like lines throughout the quilt to hold all three layers together (the yellow and blue top, the cotton batting, and the Terry Cloth backing). 

We finished the quilt with a dynamic gold speckled blue fabric on the edge.  The binding is machine stitched to ensure that this will be an art piece that lasts through baby messes, sand, wind, and watermelon.  

Yellow and Blue Quilt on Beach in Front of Lighthouse

And you know what?  This pattern is actually the Classic Squares Quilt pattern! There’s so much you can do when you play with different colors and textures.  Have an idea for a quilt? Send us an inquiry at  We love custom orders.  

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