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Les Fleurs Quilt: A wholecloth children’s quilt

By Casey Corey

Toddler eating popsicle in front of couch with handmade quilt

The Les Fleurs handmade baby bib set has a been a long time favorite of mine. The deep red is so vibrant, full, and luscious. The flowers are happy. The set can be dressed up or down. The perfect fancy set for a wedding or for another day hanging out with momma at home. 

Last year, I was asked to create a quilted pillow using these fabrics. We decided on a black zipper with red on the back. 

The client loved it and decided her baby girl who was turning ONE needed a matching handmade quilt. I couldn’t agree more. 

This handmade wholecloth quilt is a dream. (And hopefully encourages sweet dreaming and snuggling for baby girl who is officially now a toddler). 

Just like the pillow, we used the red floral fabric on the front and the solid red fabric on the back. I quilted her up using diagonal lines to create elegant diamonds with an organic, coordinating yellow thread. 

I used the yellow speckled fabric to create a bold binding for this modern, custom quilt. The final quilt was about 40” x 45”. The perfect size to take on the go- daycare naps or weekend adventures. But also the perfect size to hang on the crib and keep at home for imaginative play and sweet slumbers. 

I’m obsessed and was so happy to create this custom quilt for the client. If you’ve been eyeing a bib set that would make the perfect handmade wholecloth quilt for the little one in your life, please send an email to

This quilt may not or may not have inspired a brand new line of quilts soon to be available at Casey Sheila Quilts. Subscribe to the email newsletter to stay in the know!

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Baby Girl's Handmade Secret Garden Quilt

By Casey Corey

Baby Girl's Handmade Secret Garden Quilt

I knew I was going to create a custom Everything Quilt for Etta, but I struggled for a long time to decide on a theme. Honestly, with this third baby, it was hard to make a lot of decisions. We struggled between two names for a long time- we had originally decided on a different name a couple of years ago but it became really popular. So we decided to let it go and went with Etta. We both love the name Etta, but usually we are very decisive and have the name picked out early in pregnancy. I don’t think we finally decided on Etta until my third trimester!

pregnant belly with fabrics for baby quilt

Also at some point in my third trimester, I finally decided Etta’s room would be a Secret Garden theme with blacks, browns, and greens. Once I made the decision, then the fun began: picking out fabrics! I found the perfect black and white floral design for the back. 

workspace desk with fabrics for quilt

The front of the Everything Quilt has 6 patterned fabrics and 4 solid colors. I chose some moody, darker patterned fabrics and some lighter white and beiges to balance them out. This design requires a lot of cutting and sewing and then some more cutting and sewing. Did I mention cutting and sewing?

fabric for handmade baby quilt

fabric for handmade baby quilt

fabric for handmade baby quilt

fabric for handmade baby quilt

fabric for handmade baby quilt


She’s four months now and it’s coming along. I sneak in some personal sewing in between making beautiful quilted heirlooms for our clients. I hope to have it done in the next few months after our two new handmade quilt collections are released! Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to stay in touch. In the meantime, Etta happily uses her brother and sister's quilts. 

baby doing tummy time on handmade quilt

baby laying with big sister under handmade quilt

Interested in a handmade quilt for the baby or child in your life? I would love to bring your quilt to life. All of our quilts are made to order and take about four to six weeks to complete. Send me an email: so we can connect and get started today. 

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Nostalgia Quilt: Part 5 of the Custom Quilt Series

By Casey Corey

Nostalgia Quilt: Part 5 of the Custom Quilt Series

Welcome to the last post in the Custom Quilt Series! We laid out the basics of creating a custom Casey Sheila Quilt. We then further explored how to customize your own Raindance Quilt, Ombré Quilt, and Everything Quilt. Our last custom, handmade quilt design is the Nostalgia Quilt.

Choose a color palette for custom quiltThis quilt is perhaps the most flexible of the custom designs that we offer at Casey Sheila Quilts. The first choice, like with the other custom quilts, is choosing the color scheme. It can be as minimalist or as maximalist depending on your color choices. My daughter’s first daycare baby quilt was a simple, dramatic black and white color scheme with a bold pink edge and bright, confetti fabric for the backing. I wanted it to stand out as hers while incorporating her favorite color, pink.

black and white custom, handmade baby quilt hanging by pink flowers

This custom quilt design does best with one continuous color on half of the quilt and up to six different colors on the other half.

quilt design for a beach inspired quilt

modern beach inspired quilt with yellow and blue like waves displayed on beach with a lighthouse

On this beach inspired quilt, this client chose to use a subtle yellow on half the quilt with a blue ombre on the second half to create a wave like feeling. 

fabric pull and quilt design for a christmas inspired quilt

pink and gold christmas quilt on sewing machine

family gathered around christmas tree draped in a pink and gold quilt

For this Christmas inspired quilt, the gold fabric was continuous and there were two different pinks used in alternating rows. Really, there are infinite possibilities with this design.

choose a fabric backing as part of creating a custom, handmade quilt with casey sheila quilts

The second choice to make is the fabric for the backing. This is entirely up to you and the theme of your quilt. I will custom order a fabric based on your choosing and get started on the quilt as soon as the fabric arrives (which includes pre-washing all of the fabric to help prevent any color transfer later on).

Just a reminder that if none of these custom designs feel right to you, I am happy to design a completely custom quilt for you. Send me an email at so we can get started on the quilt heirloom of your dreams. 


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Introducing Etta Louise (and her birth story)!

By Casey Corey

Introducing Etta Louise (and her birth story)!

On February 7, we welcomed baby girl, Etta Louise. She came out fast and furious at 8 lbs 5 oz and 20.5” long.

 family of 5 with mom holding newborn

mom and dad holding newborn baby

I was 41 weeks pregnant (Alice was born at 39 weeks and Dylan was born at 40 weeks) so going a week past my due date was unexpected. To say I was restless for her arrival would be an understatement. Although I did enjoy a big delicious milkshake each night while I impatiently waited for spontaneous labor. I had lots of strong Braxton Hicks, but nothing consistent or close together. I ultimately agreed to be induced at 41 weeks. 

newborn baby

newborn baby with eyes open and fist by face


Despite my best efforts, spontaneous labor never happened. So on a Monday morning, B and I said see you soon to Alice and Dylan and we headed to the hospital for my induction. It’s quite odd going to have a baby during daylight hours. I got started on Pitocin and my OB broke my water. I was 3.5 CM dilated and 60% effaced that morning. An hour later, the contractions were very intense. We tried watching some of the Olympics while I labored in my room. Being hooked up to the machines made moving around difficult so we made do with the tight space. 

toddlers on rocking chair smiling


After a while I couldn’t relax through the contractions anymore and I was worried my stress would slow down labor so I requested the epidural. That worked perfectly. After it was administered, I was 9 CM and my wonderful nurse called my OB to say it was almost time. A half hour later I was pushing and baby girl made her appearance in just 4 fast and furious hours. 

toddlers holding newborn baby sister

toddler holding newborn sister

mom with toddlers


Alice has been enamored with her baby sister. She loves holding her and making sure everyone washes their hands before holding Etta. Dylan says “Etta” in the cutest way possible with his tongue sticking out and gives her gentle touches.

naked newborn baby with eyes open 

We are adjusting to newborn life once again. I am tired and so grateful that she is here and healthy. I am kicking myself for not getting farther along on her baby quilt before she arrived but I also didn’t get Dylan’s done until after he was born, too. Second and third children, am I right?

fabric pull for baby quilt


I do, however, have all the fabric laid out for this modern, handmade baby quilt. I am going to make her a secret garden themed Everything Quilt. I can’t wait to lay it out for tummy time, monthly photos, bring it on outdoor adventures, and make all the memories with her. 

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Raindance Quilt: A Gender Neutral Rainbow Baby Quilt

By Casey Corey

Raindance Quilt: A Gender Neutral Rainbow Baby Quilt

I created a Raindance gender neutral rainbow baby quilt in May 2021. After momma received the handmade baby quilt, she ordered one for her sister who was also expecting a rainbow baby. Both mommas were team green. The first momma ended up having a boy and I can’t wait to see what her sister has. 

gender neutral baby quilt hanging on white brick wall with wooden chest underneath
front and back of rainbow baby quilt

This is one of my favorite custom baby quilts to make. You get to select five different colors for the triangles and any kind of backing of your choice! We had a specific color palette in mind for this quilt and ended up finding the perfect backing choice on 

white rainbow fabric
gender neutral baby quilt hanging against white brick wall
close up of gender neutral baby quilt

I quilted this Raindance quilt in diamond shapes with a cream thread. I love the subtle pop from the shape, texture, and color of the thread on the back. The cream is just delicate enough to complement the bold colors on the front. 

baby quilt all wrapped up with extra fabric

I had some extra fabric from binding all three layers together (top, batting, and backing). In fact, I often over measure this part and have extra fabric. It’s been a struggle because I don’t want to throw out the fabric, but I didn’t know how to re-use it. I finally figured out I could wrap the quilts up with the extra fabric. I think the end result looks authentic, handmade, and personal. And it keeps fabric out of wasteland. An all around win. 


close up of gold fabric in corner of quilt

I would love to help you create the baby quilt of your dreams for you or a momma in your life. Please send an email to me at 

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Custom Quilt: La Playa Quilt

By Casey Corey

Custom Quilt: La Playa Quilt

I was commissioned to create a custom Casey Sheila Quilts quilt as a gift for someone’s parents. The parents have a spectacular beach house that is open for family use and houses some truly wonderful memories. It was fitting that the beach house, also known as La Playa, had its own custom quilt. 

From the balcony on the second floor, you can see the beautiful beach waters and sand. Often times, you can see baby sea turtles hatching and heading to the water. The parents have 8 grand children- 4 girls and 4 boys. It was only fitting the quilt had 8 hatchlings to represent their grandchildren. 

The client designed the quilt himself. It’s full of rich colors that fit together perfectly. I’ll be honest. The quilt took me about twice as long as a custom quilt normally takes me to make even though the client designed it himself. 

Shortly after I took on the commission, I got pregnant and spent the next few months nauseous in bed. I never experienced the second trimester energy boost although the nausea let up thankfully. So, slowly I got back to work. Lots of cutting and math errors led to more cutting. Luckily, most everything is fixable in a quilt! One of the quilting magical wonders. 

After 4 or 5 months, we finally had a quilt ready to be gifted. The client sent me a photo of the quilt on the balcony that served as the inspiration and it looked right at home. A true heirloom that will be generously enjoyed for years to come. 

Looking for your own custom handmade quilt? Email me at I’d love to bring your vision to life. 

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Custom Christmas Quilt

By Casey Corey

Custom Christmas Quilt

After the holiday rush last year, I spent the day before Christmas creating some custom quilted pillows for me! It was one of the first times I made myself something. This year, when I brought out the Christmas Decor and got to put out the pillows, it truly made me giddy. I made four pillows- one side with gold fabric and the other side with a pink and gold Christmas tree fabric. I quilted them with pink thread and used a beautiful gold zipper on the bottom. I made two of them 18” by 18” and the other two were 20”x 20” so that there would be varying sizes on the couch.

quilted christmas pillows in front of a christmas tree

As I packed up Christmas last year, I dreamed of a matching quilt. As I started to prep for the holidays this year, I pulled out the fabrics. I had plenty left to make a quilt and started right away. I coordinated the quilt with the pillows by using the same gold and pink Christmas tree fabrics. I also included a light pink and dark pink. 

I used the Nostalgia Quilt design to make a pink ombre quilt. Like all of the Casey Sheila Quilts custom quilt designs, it’s so versatile. The result is always something truly unique and custom. I used the gold fabric on the front. I then backed the quilt with the pink Christmas tree fabric. The quilt is a lap quilt- so about 45” x 60”.

Alice, my pink obsessed girl, was as thrilled with the final product as I was. I got to make something else for myself! A true heirloom that will last for years and years. I spent many nights during this holiday season lounging on the couch with my quilt wrapped around my shoulders and a matching pillow behind me for support. 

Next year, I may attempt a tree skirt. I feel like that’s the last missing piece to my coordinated Christmas decor, but I’m sure I’ll think of something else next year. Quilts are like Pringles, am I right?

Hope you all had a magical holiday season with time to rest, reflect, and enjoy family. 

Looking for your own custom holiday quilted heirloom? Email me at I’d love to bring your vision to life. 

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Everything Quilt: Part 4 of the Custom Quilt Blog Series

By Casey Corey

Everything Quilt: Part 4 of the Custom Quilt Blog Series

So far in the Custom Quilt Series, we’ve shared the basics of creating a custom Casey Sheila Quilt. We’ve also taken an in-depth look at customizing both the Raindance Quilt and the  Ombré Quilt. This week is all about customizing the Everything Quilt.

custom baby quilt with soft greens, yellows, and blues

baby boy custom quilt

The Everything Quilt is a fun, detail-oriented way of packing a little bit of everything into a modern baby quilt. Lots of patterned, coordinating fabrics with geese flying in vertical directions. As with all of our custom quilts, this quilt is a feast for baby’s visual stimulation and provides a soft place for tummy time. Because there is a lot of anticipated spit up and drool in tummy time, this quilt is also machine washable.

two toddlers laying under custom quilt

Once baby is old enough, the quilt can be used for naps and night time sleep. My four year old still comfortably snuggles with her baby sized quilt (40” x 40”) and the toddler sized quilt (40” x 50”) would last even longer. Once they are ready for a bigger size, you can tuck this quilt away for your baby to give your grandchildren one day. Quilts are for life. 

To customize your own Everything Quilt, we start off discussing a theme or color palette for the quilt. Maybe baby boy’s nursery is polar bear themed and so we start off looking for coordinating colors and fabrics. Or maybe you just moved to South Florida and you spent your pregnancy walking along the Miami River with the manatees swimming alongside you. We would then look for fabrics that fit that theme. Because the quilt is custom, the theme is anything you dream up! I am here to help you make those ideas a reality. 

fabrics for baby boy polar bear quilt

After we discuss a theme/color palette, I’ll send you a mock-up. Once approved, I will order the fabrics. Custom quilts generally take between 4-8 weeks to create. I will literally wrap your dreamy quilt with a bow and mail it off as soon as it’s done. I can’t wait to work with you. Please send me an email at to start designing a forever quilt for the baby in your life. 

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