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Raindance Quilt: A Gender Neutral Rainbow Baby Quilt

By Casey Corey

Raindance Quilt: A Gender Neutral Rainbow Baby Quilt

I created a Raindance gender neutral rainbow baby quilt in May 2021. After momma received the handmade baby quilt, she ordered one for her sister who was also expecting a rainbow baby. Both mommas were team green. The first momma ended up having a boy and I can’t wait to see what her sister has. 

gender neutral baby quilt hanging on white brick wall with wooden chest underneath
front and back of rainbow baby quilt

This is one of my favorite custom baby quilts to make. You get to select five different colors for the triangles and any kind of backing of your choice! We had a specific color palette in mind for this quilt and ended up finding the perfect backing choice on 

white rainbow fabric
gender neutral baby quilt hanging against white brick wall
close up of gender neutral baby quilt

I quilted this Raindance quilt in diamond shapes with a cream thread. I love the subtle pop from the shape, texture, and color of the thread on the back. The cream is just delicate enough to complement the bold colors on the front. 

baby quilt all wrapped up with extra fabric

I had some extra fabric from binding all three layers together (top, batting, and backing). In fact, I often over measure this part and have extra fabric. It’s been a struggle because I don’t want to throw out the fabric, but I didn’t know how to re-use it. I finally figured out I could wrap the quilts up with the extra fabric. I think the end result looks authentic, handmade, and personal. And it keeps fabric out of wasteland. An all around win. 


close up of gold fabric in corner of quilt

I would love to help you create the baby quilt of your dreams for you or a momma in your life. Please send an email to me at 

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Raindance Quilt: Part 2 of the Custom Quilt Blog Series

By Casey Corey

Raindance Quilt: Part 2 of the Custom Quilt Blog Series

Last week, we shared the basics of creating a custom, modern baby quilt. This blog post goes more into detail for Option 1: Customize a Design- the Raindance Quilt version. We have four modern quilt designs that can be customized for any size quilt: (1) Raindance Quilt; (2) Everything Quilt; (3) Ombre Quilt; and (4) Nostalgia Quilt. 

custom quilt option to customize an existing design

The Raindance Quilt is a bold, modern quilt sparked with color. Full of equilateral triangles and alternating patterns, this quilt makes any corner of the room pop. This was the first quilt design I created. I’ve made several improvements to the design since then and love where it’s at now. 

custom equilateral triangle quilt requires choosing 5 different colors

image telling the viewer to choose a fabric for the back of their custom quilt

There are two steps to creating a Raindance Quilt and you can decide on them in any order. You choose five colors for the front and a fabric for the back. The inspiration for the colors and fabric backing can come from anywhere. Is the recipient a rainbow baby? Maybe you’d like a rainbow fabric with coordinating colors on the front. 

mermaid fabric for back of baby girl quilt

5 bright colors for baby girl quilt

Is the nursery themed? Maybe you want a complementary fabric to go with the theme (Mermaid theme, anyone?). We can find 5 matching colors for the front based on that. 

bright blues and yellows with a coordinating whale fabric to match

Or maybe you have a color palette in mind? We can choose the five colors based on the palette and then find a fabric to match! 

Once we discuss colors and/or themes, I will send a proposal with a mock-up of the quilt. When the quilt design is finalized, I will email you the invoice and order fabrics. I can start as soon as the fabrics arrive :) The process is about 4-8 weeks, depending on how long the design process takes. 

two raindance quilts together outstide at the beach

Send me an email at to start designing your Raindance Quilt. I’m so excited to work with you. 

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Equilateral Triangle Quilt Trilogy

By Casey Corey

Equilateral Triangle Quilt Trilogy

Sometimes our quilts are designed around a favorite book or a bedtime lullaby, but oftentimes they are designed around the nursery theme. One of the sweetest families in Jupiter, FL has a whimsical hot air ballon themed nursery. True story- when the momma was on her bachelorette party in California, she wandered into a baby store. She ended up purchasing a hot air balloon mobile and decided to hide it from her then-fiance until she was pregnant.  

grey triangle quilt in a nursery

Fast forward 4 years later, this momma has 3 beautiful babies and we’ve been honored to create a modern baby quilt for each one. Another true story- this momma never finds out the gender of her babies. She leaves it for a surprise at the baby’s birth. As a result, their nursery is gender-neutral with a lot of elegant grey.  (Spoiler alert: she ended up with all boys). When she was pregnant with her first son, we decided to use the equilateral triangle quilt design with greys, creams, and whites. The fabric backing was, of course, hot air balloons. And we quilted it with diamond shapes. A sophisticated quilt, for a sophisticated babe. 

blue hot air balloon quilt in a nursery

When we heard she was expecting their second babe, we didn’t want there to be any sibling rivalry over the quilts (kids come up with enough reasons to bicker, #amiright). So, we knew we had to use the equilateral triangle quilt again. But this time, with blues, greys, and creams. We used a Dutch looking hot air balloon fabric for the back because the momma has some strong Dutch roots. And again, we used diamonds to quilt it all together. It really creates a really cozy, snuggly feel. 

hot air balloon quilt

This momma just had her third son and we knew we wanted to build on the first two. So this time, we went with blues, yellows, and creams. We have more hot air balloons on the back with whimsical elephants sitting in the baskets. There’s something a little Parisian about this last one (tres chic). And once again, this piece was quilted with diamond shapes. We hope the babies love them as much as we loved making them. 

hot air balloon quilt

We are currently accepting custom baby quilt orders. Feel free to email us: 

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