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Equilateral Triangle Quilt Trilogy

By Casey Corey

Equilateral Triangle Quilt Trilogy

Sometimes our quilts are designed around a favorite book or a bedtime lullaby, but oftentimes they are designed around the nursery theme. One of the sweetest families in Jupiter, FL has a whimsical hot air ballon themed nursery. True story- when the momma was on her bachelorette party in California, she wandered into a baby store. She ended up purchasing a hot air balloon mobile and decided to hide it from her then-fiance until she was pregnant.  

grey triangle quilt in a nursery

Fast forward 4 years later, this momma has 3 beautiful babies and we’ve been honored to create a modern baby quilt for each one. Another true story- this momma never finds out the gender of her babies. She leaves it for a surprise at the baby’s birth. As a result, their nursery is gender-neutral with a lot of elegant grey.  (Spoiler alert: she ended up with all boys). When she was pregnant with her first son, we decided to use the equilateral triangle quilt design with greys, creams, and whites. The fabric backing was, of course, hot air balloons. And we quilted it with diamond shapes. A sophisticated quilt, for a sophisticated babe. 

blue hot air balloon quilt in a nursery

When we heard she was expecting their second babe, we didn’t want there to be any sibling rivalry over the quilts (kids come up with enough reasons to bicker, #amiright). So, we knew we had to use the equilateral triangle quilt again. But this time, with blues, greys, and creams. We used a Dutch looking hot air balloon fabric for the back because the momma has some strong Dutch roots. And again, we used diamonds to quilt it all together. It really creates a really cozy, snuggly feel. 

hot air balloon quilt

This momma just had her third son and we knew we wanted to build on the first two. So this time, we went with blues, yellows, and creams. We have more hot air balloons on the back with whimsical elephants sitting in the baskets. There’s something a little Parisian about this last one (tres chic). And once again, this piece was quilted with diamond shapes. We hope the babies love them as much as we loved making them. 

hot air balloon quilt

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