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Custom Family Heirloom Quilt

By Casey Corey

Custom Family Heirloom Quilt

Gifting a quilt is one of my greatest pleasures. A cozy piece of art that will wrap the person up with a hug every time she takes the quilt out. Something that is soft, warm, and provides the ultimate comfort. So much thought, attention, and detail goes into every quilt ever made. And the best part about gifting a quilt? It's an heirloom. It will last for generations.

custom king sized green quilt

This past Christmas, I gave my mother and father-in-laws a custom Casey Sheila Quilt. My father-in-law always jokes about building a baseball team with all of his grandchildren. They have 12 grandkids that came in 3 waves- the oldest grandchild was the solo grandkid for a number of years. Then 4 grandkids came all very close together (3 of them in the same year! My husband is one of 5 ;)). A few years after that another 7 all came very close together. So I designed this quilt with a diamond for each grandchild.  The first diamond in the middle surrounded by a circle of four diamonds. Those four diamonds are surrounded by a circle of eight diamonds. 

custom king sized green quilt sitting on a rock

I used a Kelly Green for the background because my in-laws are very proud of their Irish heritage and matched it with a beautiful, green floral design for the back.

green floral design fabric on king sized quilt

Finally, I hand stitched the binding (as I do with all of our quilts). This is by far the biggest Casey Sheila Quilts in existence- a king sized quilt measuring at about 104" x 104". Hoping my mother and father-in-laws feel my giant hug every time they open this quilt.

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