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Shop Re-opening! And a Sale!

By Casey Corey

Shop Re-opening! And a Sale!

I am so excited to share that I am reopening the Casey Sheila Quilts shop on April 4,2022! I have very much missed making children’s quilts, pillows, and baby bibs.

Baby being worn in a baby carrier

Etta will be 2 months old already. We are doing the days and continue to adjust to being a family of 5. There have been lots and lots of snuggles, Netflix bingeing (yes, I’m still half watching), chocolate consumption, spit up, tears, and smiles. I forgot how good newborn smiles are!! I forgot how good newborns smell but also how bad old spit up smells.

Baby bibs laying on white desk

While enjoying all of my babies, I’ve also been working on five new, handmade baby bib sets for a Spring launch! I think all of the sets fit in the spring theme well. I can’t wait to share more details soon- but first! A sale! 

Sale is on!

I need to clear some space for the new bib sets. And, of course, I want to celebrate the shop reopening with all of you. So! I am offering 20% off the following handmade, baby bibs: Nina Bib Set, Flamingo Babies Bib Set (both color options), Sunbabies Bib Set, and the Stellar Rainbow Babies Bib Set.

Flamingo baby bib set

Rainbow baby themed bib set
The sale will run from April 4- April 10. No code needed. Quantities on these sets are very limited so if you’ve been eyeing a set, please don’t wait. They are available with either an organic fleece or organic terry cloth back. 

As always, please feel free to email me at with any questions, concerns, or words of encouragement ;)

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Maternity Leave 2022

By Casey Corey

Maternity Leave 2022

I am officially on Maternity Leave! 

Do small businesses (aka one woman shows) get maternity leave? I struggled with this decision for a while. A big part of my business is reminding you that I’m here so when you decide on purchasing a handmade baby bib, a quilted pillow, or a handmade baby quilt- you’ll think of Casey Sheila Quilts. That includes creating new collections, producing content, SEO work, and engaging with the community. My business, however, is actually quite physical (yes, believe it or not!).

It takes me approximately 2 hours to create a bib set, 6-8 hours to create a quilted pillow, and 30-50 hours to create a quilt. That time requires a lot of standing, a lot of going back and forth from my sewing desk to my cutting desk. And a lot of other physical gymnastics that happen behind the scenes. So after giving birth to baby girl, I need some time to physically recover before jumping back in. Not to mention the time that I think my family needs to begin adjusting to being a family of five. I have currently marked all of my products as sold out. But, it’s temporary.

I do have actual, business plans for Casey Sheila Quilts in 2022.  I have fabric ready to go for what will hopefully be a spring launch of baby bibs in April. I’ve started designing the next quilt and pillow collection. I’m planning for more pop-up market appearances. And of course, a fall and holiday bib collection release. 

I’m hoping to be back and connecting with all of you in April 2022. I may have another blog post coming to introduce you to our girl and several other blog posts that I was able to get together before baby girl made her way here.

Sending you my best. Thank you for your continued support and love. I can’t tell you how much it means to me and my family. 


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