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Pink Baby Bib Round-Up

By Casey Corey

Pink Baby Bib Round-Up

I was not about the pink life before I had my first girl. After I got pregnant with Alice, I was suddenly all about pink. I was wearing pink for perhaps the first time in a decade. I bought pink onesies and even wanted to decorate her room in pink. 

pink themed nursery for baby girl

As it turns out, Alice is a total pink girl herself (or at least has been since she’s been able to communicate). All of her clothing has to have pink. She loves herself a pink unicorn bracelet. A pink plate? Dinner just got so much better. I do not know if my interest in pink was spurred by Alice in the womb or if all of the pink around her fostered her own interest in pink. All this to say, the pink interest has inspired many a pink handmade baby bib set here at Casey Sheila Quilts. 

lots of baby bibs laid out on fabric cutting desk

Out of the 25 baby bib sets we currently offer, we have 6 pink sets! Some of them are feminine and strong. Some of them are a bold pink. Some of them are a playful pink. And some of them are pure girly girl (nothing wrong with harnessing those female powers, ladies!). Without further ado, I rounded up all of our pink sets and listed them here:

Pink Surfer Girl Baby Bib Set


Flamingo Baby Bib Set
Nina Bib Set


Pink Rainbow Babies Bib Set


Strawbabies Bib Set


Sugar Babies Bib Set

As with all of our bib sets, these bibs are available in either the Bandana or Long size. They come with either an Organic Fleece backing or an Organic Terry Cloth backing. They have a snap closure so baby can’t easily rip them off. And they are all handmade by yours truly. Have a question or need help narrowing down which pink set best suits your needs? Send an email to

Also, if you're looking to make a purchase while I am on maternity leave (February- April 2022), please know the bibs are currently marked as sold out but you can still purchase a gift card.

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Rainbow Baby Bibs & Pillows

By Casey Corey

Rainbow Baby Bibs & Pillows

The Rainbow & Stars pre-school quilts were so good, we had to use the fabric to make some bibs and pillows, too. 

Baby Bibs

Pink Rainbow Baby Bibs

We made the bibs available in both color sets.  The pink and gold rainbows, pink and gold stripes, and pink celestial fabric make up the Pink Rainbow Babies Bib Set. The larger rainbow print, darker pink purple stripes, and grey celestial fabric make up the Stellar Rainbow Babies Bib Set. They are available in both the bandana and long form bib sizes with either Anti-Pill Fleece or French Terry Cloth backing.  The Anti-Pill Fleece is so soft and perfect for babes with sensitive skin.  The French Terry Cloth is so absorbent and great for those babies who love to dump their whole sippy cups on themselves. Did we mention these bibs (like all of our bibs) are machine washable? Best baby bibs ever. 

Pink Rainbow Quilted Pillow Cover

And then, we of course had to make an 18" x 18" quilted pillow cover. We used the rainbow fabric on the front and the stars on the back.

Exposed Brass Zipper on Quilted Pillow Cover

Check out that exposed brass zipper. Perfect for taking it on and off for wash after baby makes a mess on it. At Casey Sheila Quilts, we strive to make everything as practical as it is cute.

Baby Laying on Quilted Pillow Covers

And because October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, please take 15% off the whole rainbows & stars collection (which includes all of the products listed above, all the quilts, and the Golden Babies Bib Set because it's got those sweet, golden rainbows). Just use Rainbow15 at check out starting October 1.

Email with any questions. We love to hear from you.


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