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Baby Bibs: Setting up a Baby Registry & FAQ

By Casey Corey

Baby Bibs: Setting up a Baby Registry & FAQ

Setting up a baby registry is no easy task. I legitimately cried from being overwhelmed, more than once. When I started, I was at a mall and very naively thought I’d just jump into a few of the baby stores and start adding to my registry. I decided to start with a stroller since that seemed like a big item to get out of the way and I completely crumbled. I had no idea what I wanted in a stroller or what a stroller could offer my family. I found that the overwhelming number of choices and need to research the strollers also applied to almost everything I put on my baby registry. Baby bibs were not immune from the chaos and mental load.

baby bibs hanging on a quilt ladder

After three babies and selling my own handmade baby bibs for two years, I know what I like in a bib. Here are my musts: 

  • The bib must be machine washable. 
  • It must have a snap because baby can rip the velcro right off. 
  • It has to have good coverage. 
  • It has to be soft because all of my babes have had very sensitive skin. They have to be absorbent because the amount of spit up that comes out of those cute gremlins is no joke. 
  • And of course, they have to be cute. 

handmade baby bibs being sewn up

Casey Sheila Quilts baby bibs of course do all that. And they’re handmade by yours truly so you can be confident that you’re getting a well-made item that directly supports this small, family business.

pink baby bibs in long and bandana size

walrus baby bibs in green colors

Our bibs do require you to make a few decisions. I’m sorry! But every baby is different so we need to cover (literally) their needs. The first decision you have to make is which set! We have sorted the bibs based on gender (girl, boy, gender neutral) to help you navigate the options. You can find the different options in the drop down menu. 

baby wearing a sloth bib in long size

baby outside wearing a bandana size bib

The second decision you have to make is about sizing. Does the bandana size or the long size better fit your family’s needs? The long size has the most coverage. I usually recommend the long for babies who have a lot of spit up, if your baby’s spit up goes everywhere and you need more coverage, or if baby is older and you plan on mainly using the bibs at meal time. The long bib sizes come with two different snaps (no velcro on any of our bibs!) so they can grow and adapt to fit baby as baby grows. The bandana has one snap and provides plenty of coverage for the average baby. 

back of bandana bib

organic fleece back on baby bibs

The third and last decision you have to make about our bibs is the backing material. Does the organic fleece or organic Terry Cloth better suit your family’s needs? The fleece is softer than the Terry cloth. The Terry cloth is more absorbent than the fleece. This can be a tough balance to strike. All of my babies had crazy drool and often developed irritation on their necks. The Terry cloth absorbed most of the drool but sometimes their skin needed the softness of the fleece. The fleece feels like a luxuriously soft sweater.

baby bib gift wrapped for baby shower

If you’re purchasing our bibs a gift for someone else, you can get a few different options so momma and baby can try them all out. If you’re registering for yourself and still have no idea what you want to try, send me an email at I’m happy to chat and talk about what might work best. If you know exactly what you want, go ahead and add us to your baby registry (you can use Babylist and basically add anything from any website!). I have a dream of sending off a free set to a momma who has registered for us- if that’s you, send me an email so I can check out your registry. 

Most importantly, whether you’re a momma or supporting a momma- remember you’re doing a great job. 

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Custom Quilt: La Playa Quilt

By Casey Corey

Custom Quilt: La Playa Quilt

I was commissioned to create a custom Casey Sheila Quilts quilt as a gift for someone’s parents. The parents have a spectacular beach house that is open for family use and houses some truly wonderful memories. It was fitting that the beach house, also known as La Playa, had its own custom quilt. 

From the balcony on the second floor, you can see the beautiful beach waters and sand. Often times, you can see baby sea turtles hatching and heading to the water. The parents have 8 grand children- 4 girls and 4 boys. It was only fitting the quilt had 8 hatchlings to represent their grandchildren. 

The client designed the quilt himself. It’s full of rich colors that fit together perfectly. I’ll be honest. The quilt took me about twice as long as a custom quilt normally takes me to make even though the client designed it himself. 

Shortly after I took on the commission, I got pregnant and spent the next few months nauseous in bed. I never experienced the second trimester energy boost although the nausea let up thankfully. So, slowly I got back to work. Lots of cutting and math errors led to more cutting. Luckily, most everything is fixable in a quilt! One of the quilting magical wonders. 

After 4 or 5 months, we finally had a quilt ready to be gifted. The client sent me a photo of the quilt on the balcony that served as the inspiration and it looked right at home. A true heirloom that will be generously enjoyed for years to come. 

Looking for your own custom handmade quilt? Email me at I’d love to bring your vision to life. 

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