Currently: September

By Casey Corey

Currently: September

Gosh, getting this September Currents blog post just in under the wire. Can't believe it's almost October.  October might be my favorite month.  The start of the weather starting to cool down in Miami and the excitement about the holidays coming up (yes, I said it. Holidays!) Here's what we've been up to:

Watching VEEP. I thought this was going to have a lot more slap stick type humor, but it doesn't and I love it.

baby boy at the beach

Wanting to take the paddle board out to the beach.  We went this month without it and it was so much fun. It was Dylan's first time in the sand. He's a really cautious kid so I thought he'd hate it but he got right in there with Alice building/destroying sand castles. 

Making an Uber Eats order for sushi tonight. Momma needs a break from cooking for the toddlers who only eat carbs and white things even though they were exposed to many vegetables as babies. 

llama quilt fabric with coordinating pinks and greens

Sewing a Llama traditional flying geese quilt. Using lots of pinks and greens, cottons and linens, and a beautiful woven cotton in a deep, dark yellow for the binding. 

Reading a little bit of How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen at a time. 

Loving Dylan's mobility. He's crawling around, walking with the assistance of a walker, and cruising the furniture. He's having so much fun and I love watching how happy he is to finally reach his toys on his own. 

Feeling drained and excited. Pandemic life gets a bit monotonous but grateful for our many blessings and space and a partner who tries so hard. Really excited about planning some more beach trips before the weather gets too cold to get in the water.  

Thinking I should probably put away the groceries now.  

rainbow quilts hanging on crib and blanket ladder in nursery

**A quick couple of reminders: (1) custom orders are open for the holidays. It does take about 6-8 weeks to make a quilt, so might want to start thinking about what kind of modern baby quilt works for your family.  Feel free to email me:; and (2) October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, please take 15% off the whole rainbows & stars collection (Pink Rainbow Babies Bib Set, Stellar Rainbow Babies Bib Set, Golden Babies Bib Set, all the quilts, and quilted pillow covers- check here and here for some rainbow quilt and pillow ideas). Just use Rainbow15 at check out starting October 1.

 Sending big, virtual hugs as always.  Xoxo.

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Polar Bear Quilt for Baby Boy's Nursery

By Casey Corey

Polar Bear Quilt for Baby Boy's Nursery

Dylan's quilt is finally finished! I designed his room around this hanging snowy trees picture from my mom's house. The picture has tall skinny brown trees covered in snow and a thick, dark wooden frame. Every time you look at it, you see and feel something different. It's lovely. From there, I added polar bears (a polar bear mobile & baby polar bear prints) and lots of blues and yellows. Naturally, his quilt needed to fit within this polar bear theme. 

blue, neutral, polar bear quilt fabric

I found a great polar bear fabric back in February but couldn't decide on a design for the front for a long time. Finally, I decided that his quilt's design should match his sister's (because sibling rivalry) flying geese quilt. And from there, the blues, yellows, golds, creams, and whites in cotton and linen fell quickly into place. 

flying geese cut ready to assemble into a quilt

I chose a striped white binding so from afar it looks like a simple, modern white that complements the 6 patterned fabrics on the front.  And up close, the white fabric has a lot of texture and lines. I love when you look at a quilt and find something new to admire each time (yes, just like the snowy trees). 

handstitched binding

We took the quilt's photos at the same place we took our wedding photos. It was so much fun to bring the kids and feel all the feels. The finished quilt is about 40" x 50". Like all of our products, its machine washable and gets that soft, textured look every time it comes out of the dryer. Can't wait for Dylan to use this quilt for years to come.

Quilt hanging on wall

baby boy sitting on his polar bear quilt outside

Looking for a one of a kind, handmade quilt to match a nursery? Custom orders are open for baby (40" x 40") and toddler sized (40" x 50") quilts. Send an email to  Can't wait to work with you on your modern baby quilt

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Best Baby Bibs (Fall 2020 Edition)

By Casey Corey

Best Baby Bibs (Fall 2020 Edition)

They’re here! Four new sets of bibs to celebrate Fall and bid farewell to Summer 2020: Les Fleurs Babies, Doughnut and Sprinkle Babies, Purple Dino Babies, and the Orange Dino Babies (we couldn’t decide if we should go with the orange or purples to coordinate with the dinosaur fabric, so we made both!).

les fleurs babies bib set blog image

Les Fleurs Babies Bib Set rocks a deep red floral pattern.  The Casey Sheila Quilts modern bib line was missing that rich red and we think this one definitely fills that void.  The florals are accompanied by a vibrant yellow with speckles and a deep, solid red.  Like all of our bibs, these beauties are finished with a double stitch seam on top. The double stitch helps the bibs lay flat and ensure their longevity. No grown up has time to be hand washing bibs. Feel comfortable throwing these bibs in the regular machine wash cycle on repeat; they will last.

We are not responsible for any extra doughnut consumption as a result of owning the Donut & Sprinkle Babies Bib Set. But seriously, the pink doughnuts on the mint green background is a sweet color palette that called for a mint green solid bib to match. We like to include a solid color bib in each set because sometimes you want a bib that doesn’t steal the show. We understand that baby’s outfit is going to be on point somedays, but baby is still going to need a bib to handle all that drool, spit up, and food droppings.  The solids will handle that while not distracting from the cute clothes you worked so hard on wrestling over those flailing arms and legs. 

The Orange Dino Babies Bib Set can double as a Halloween bib set.  The orange patterned fabric reminds us of dinosaur bones and of course needed a bright solid orange to complete the set.  And because we couldn’t decide between orange and purple….

Our last set in this release is the Purple Dino Babies Bib Set. The name has us wanting to rewatch Land Before Time.  Like all of our bib sets, these are available with either a Cotton Fleece or a French Terry Cloth backing. The Fleece is a softer backing for those babes with sensitive skin while the French Terry Cloth is more absorbent.


We hope you and your babes love these bibs as much as we love making them.

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Rainbow Baby Bibs & Pillows

By Casey Corey

Rainbow Baby Bibs & Pillows

The Rainbow & Stars pre-school quilts were so good, we had to use the fabric to make some bibs and pillows, too. 

Baby Bibs

Pink Rainbow Baby Bibs

We made the bibs available in both color sets.  The pink and gold rainbows, pink and gold stripes, and pink celestial fabric make up the Pink Rainbow Babies Bib Set. The larger rainbow print, darker pink purple stripes, and grey celestial fabric make up the Stellar Rainbow Babies Bib Set. They are available in both the bandana and long form bib sizes with either Anti-Pill Fleece or French Terry Cloth backing.  The Anti-Pill Fleece is so soft and perfect for babes with sensitive skin.  The French Terry Cloth is so absorbent and great for those babies who love to dump their whole sippy cups on themselves. Did we mention these bibs (like all of our bibs) are machine washable? Best baby bibs ever. 

Pink Rainbow Quilted Pillow Cover

And then, we of course had to make an 18" x 18" quilted pillow cover. We used the rainbow fabric on the front and the stars on the back.

Exposed Brass Zipper on Quilted Pillow Cover

Check out that exposed brass zipper. Perfect for taking it on and off for wash after baby makes a mess on it. At Casey Sheila Quilts, we strive to make everything as practical as it is cute.

Baby Laying on Quilted Pillow Covers

And because October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, please take 15% off the whole rainbows & stars collection (which includes all of the products listed above, all the quilts, and the Golden Babies Bib Set because it's got those sweet, golden rainbows). Just use Rainbow15 at check out starting October 1.

Email with any questions. We love to hear from you.


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Rainbow Baby Quilts

By Casey Corey

Baby with Rainbow Quilt

A client custom ordered a whole cloth modern baby quilt for each of her girls to take to pre-school. She wanted one side to be “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and the other side to be “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” For her girly girl, we went with pink. And for the more wild sister: purple.  

Twin girl rainbows and stars quilt

For “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, we used a rainbow themed fabric. The pink rainbows have gold (of course) and mini repeating rainbows, while the purple rainbows are much larger.   And “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” uses the same celestial fabric for each quilt, one in pink and the other in grey.

Pink Rainbow Quilt with Stars

Large Pink Rainbow

Both quilts were hand bound with a coordinating striped fabric.

Close up on Binding on Rainbow and Star Quilt

And of course, we had to use a diamond pattern to quilt these 40” x 45” quilts together. We naturally used pink and purple cotton thread, respectively.

Gold Striped Fabric on Rainbow and Star Quilt

Purple Striped Fabric Binding on Rainbow and Stars Quilt

Starting pre-school can be scary and intimidating. Hopefully these soft, sweet rainbow and star quilts bring a little comfort in those first few days. We can’t wait to see the girls snuggling with their handmade baby quilts. 

Custom orders are open. Please send an email to to create yours.

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Currently: August

By Casey Corey

Currently: August

It’s mid-August already. Still hot, hot, hot but we’ve been cranking up the a/c and when we go outside, we usually end up in the pool or playing with the kids’ water table.  Here’s what else we’ve been up to: 

Watching Friday Night Lights. Yes, I finally finished Gilmore Girls. It was a sad day, but here we are: clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. 

Wanting some Crispy Cups. Except I eat the whole box in 3 days, so I have to limit how my purchases. But also, Alice likes them, too. 

Making rosemary bread. Brian attempted the first loaf and it didn’t rise. Hoping loaf #2 fares better. 

polar bear fabric for quilt

Sewing a traditional flying geese quilt for Dylan. His nursery is arctic themed. He has these two really cute polar bear prints hanging near his crib and I knew I wanted polar bear fabric for the backing, but I had no idea what to do for the top. And then I decided he needed the same pattern that Alice had on top, and it all came together pretty quickly after that. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish his quilted pillow before he turns 2. 

Reading nothing.  I do have How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen on deck. 

Loving mango popsicles. Alice asked for one and I said no. I have no idea why she has trouble sharing her toys.

birthday girl blowing out her candlesbirthday boy eating his cupcake

Feeling all the feels.  My babies turned 3 and 1 this month.  Dylan was super into the frosting on his cupcakes and Alice was super into the gifts.  

Thinking up a new half square quilt design to go with the upcoming Heather Ross Malibu fabric collection. I want every single fabric in that collection. 

 Sending big, virtual hugs as always.  Xoxo.

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Honey Bear Quilt

By Casey Corey

Honey Bear Quilt

Our original Modern Flying Geese quilt: this quilt design was something I just couldn’t get out of my head.  I had these honey bears on the shelf and I knew they were perfect to bring a sweet babe some cuddles and security.  Once the quilt design and fabric were decided, the color way came together very quickly: neutrals, yellows, oranges, and red.  

quilt in front of greenery

The background cream on this quilt is a gorgeous linen. The linen varies the texture and adds such softness to white, yellow, orange, and red cottons.  

quilt hanging on crib in nursery

The binding on this quilt is a really fun orange with specks of gold and orange.  It is, of course, hand stitched for a smooth finish. 

honey bear heather ross fabric

But the star of the show? The honey bears.  They really put this quilt together- the perfect nap time quilt that brings your child comfort and safety.  This quilt is the toddler size: 40” x 50”.  Its big enough to grow with your babe, but not too big.  

quilt laying on sleeping toddler

Kids love routine and knowing what to expect.  When you’re able to provide them with the same quilt at every nap, they associate that quilt with a sense of peace and security.  The quilt eventually signals quiet, rest, and sweet dreams.  Or maybe it becomes the perfect quilt for building a fort to house all your babe’s baby dolls.  But that’s the magic of childhood, isn’t? It’s all up for grabs. 

The modern flying geese quilt is available in both the baby (40” x 40”) and toddler (40” x 50”) sizes at Casey Sheila Quilts.  The color scheme and fabrics are completely customizable.  We love to design quilts to match your babe’s lullaby, favorite bed time story, or nursery.  Send an email to  We can’t wait to work with you. 

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Equilateral Triangle Quilt Trilogy

By Casey Corey

Equilateral Triangle Quilt Trilogy

Sometimes our quilts are designed around a favorite book or a bedtime lullaby, but oftentimes they are designed around the nursery theme. One of the sweetest families in Jupiter, FL has a whimsical hot air ballon themed nursery. True story- when the momma was on her bachelorette party in California, she wandered into a baby store. She ended up purchasing a hot air balloon mobile and decided to hide it from her then-fiance until she was pregnant.  

grey triangle quilt in a nursery

Fast forward 4 years later, this momma has 3 beautiful babies and we’ve been honored to create a modern baby quilt for each one. Another true story- this momma never finds out the gender of her babies. She leaves it for a surprise at the baby’s birth. As a result, their nursery is gender-neutral with a lot of elegant grey.  (Spoiler alert: she ended up with all boys). When she was pregnant with her first son, we decided to use the equilateral triangle quilt design with greys, creams, and whites. The fabric backing was, of course, hot air balloons. And we quilted it with diamond shapes. A sophisticated quilt, for a sophisticated babe. 

blue hot air balloon quilt in a nursery

When we heard she was expecting their second babe, we didn’t want there to be any sibling rivalry over the quilts (kids come up with enough reasons to bicker, #amiright). So, we knew we had to use the equilateral triangle quilt again. But this time, with blues, greys, and creams. We used a Dutch looking hot air balloon fabric for the back because the momma has some strong Dutch roots. And again, we used diamonds to quilt it all together. It really creates a really cozy, snuggly feel. 

hot air balloon quilt

This momma just had her third son and we knew we wanted to build on the first two. So this time, we went with blues, yellows, and creams. We have more hot air balloons on the back with whimsical elephants sitting in the baskets. There’s something a little Parisian about this last one (tres chic). And once again, this piece was quilted with diamond shapes. We hope the babies love them as much as we loved making them. 

hot air balloon quilt

We are currently accepting custom baby quilt orders. Feel free to email us: 

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