Honey Bear Quilt

By Casey Corey

Honey Bear Quilt

Our original Modern Flying Geese quilt: this quilt design was something I just couldn’t get out of my head.  I had these honey bears on the shelf and I knew they were perfect to bring a sweet babe some cuddles and security.  Once the quilt design and fabric were decided, the color way came together very quickly: neutrals, yellows, oranges, and red.  

quilt in front of greenery

The background cream on this quilt is a gorgeous linen. The linen varies the texture and adds such softness to white, yellow, orange, and red cottons.  

quilt hanging on crib in nursery

The binding on this quilt is a really fun orange with specks of gold and orange.  It is, of course, hand stitched for a smooth finish. 

honey bear heather ross fabric

But the star of the show? The honey bears.  They really put this quilt together- the perfect nap time quilt that brings your child comfort and safety.  This quilt is the toddler size: 40” x 50”.  Its big enough to grow with your babe, but not too big.  

quilt laying on sleeping toddler

Kids love routine and knowing what to expect.  When you’re able to provide them with the same quilt at every nap, they associate that quilt with a sense of peace and security.  The quilt eventually signals quiet, rest, and sweet dreams.  Or maybe it becomes the perfect quilt for building a fort to house all your babe’s baby dolls.  But that’s the magic of childhood, isn’t? It’s all up for grabs. 

The modern flying geese quilt is available in both the baby (40” x 40”) and toddler (40” x 50”) sizes at Casey Sheila Quilts.  The color scheme and fabrics are completely customizable.  We love to design quilts to match your babe’s lullaby, favorite bed time story, or nursery.  Send an email to  We can’t wait to work with you. 

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Equilateral Triangle Quilt Trilogy

By Casey Corey

Equilateral Triangle Quilt Trilogy

Sometimes our quilts are designed around a favorite book or a bedtime lullaby, but oftentimes they are designed around the nursery theme. One of the sweetest families in Jupiter, FL has a whimsical hot air ballon themed nursery. True story- when the momma was on her bachelorette party in California, she wandered into a baby store. She ended up purchasing a hot air balloon mobile and decided to hide it from her then-fiance until she was pregnant.  

grey triangle quilt in a nursery

Fast forward 4 years later, this momma has 3 beautiful babies and we’ve been honored to create a modern baby quilt for each one. Another true story- this momma never finds out the gender of her babies. She leaves it for a surprise at the baby’s birth. As a result, their nursery is gender-neutral with a lot of elegant grey.  (Spoiler alert: she ended up with all boys). When she was pregnant with her first son, we decided to use the equilateral triangle quilt design with greys, creams, and whites. The fabric backing was, of course, hot air balloons. And we quilted it with diamond shapes. A sophisticated quilt, for a sophisticated babe. 

blue hot air balloon quilt in a nursery

When we heard she was expecting their second babe, we didn’t want there to be any sibling rivalry over the quilts (kids come up with enough reasons to bicker, #amiright). So, we knew we had to use the equilateral triangle quilt again. But this time, with blues, greys, and creams. We used a Dutch looking hot air balloon fabric for the back because the momma has some strong Dutch roots. And again, we used diamonds to quilt it all together. It really creates a really cozy, snuggly feel. 

hot air balloon quilt

This momma just had her third son and we knew we wanted to build on the first two. So this time, we went with blues, yellows, and creams. We have more hot air balloons on the back with whimsical elephants sitting in the baskets. There’s something a little Parisian about this last one (tres chic). And once again, this piece was quilted with diamond shapes. We hope the babies love them as much as we loved making them. 

hot air balloon quilt

We are currently accepting custom baby quilt orders. Feel free to email us: 

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Currently: July

By Casey Corey

Currently: July

It's July! Here in Miami, FL it's hot, hot, hot and apparently there's a dust plume kicking up around us.  Our family is still on lockdown as Florida becomes the new epicenter for COVID-19 (yikes).  While on lockdown, here's what I've been up to:  

Watching Gilmore Girls still.  Almost done with season 7.  Brian has limited me to one episode per night so it's moving at a slower pace than before but I'm still in love with this show. 

Wanting falafel, a chocolate chip cookie, and a play set for the kids in the backyard.  Maybe the play set for the kids' birthdays? Hopefully falafel sooner than that. 

Making pizza dough in the Zojirushi.  The Zojirushi is my favorite kitchen appliance. 

Sewing an equilateral triangle quilt for my best friend's baby.  He's her third and last baby and I.cannot.wait. to meet him and give my friend a giant hug.  I made a grey equilateral triangle quilt for her first born, a blue equilateral triangle quilt for her second, and now a blue and yellow one.

Reading The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer.  It's my first time in a long time reading fiction.  I usually read parenting books, self-help, and other practical books.  I'm enjoying the change and one of the main characters is named Alice (!). 

Loving Starbucks Chai Tea lattes and Kona Longboard Island Lagers.

Feeling excited I finally saw a butterfly in our backyard.  We planted a butterfly garden almost 9 months ago, but we haven't had a single butterfly come by.  We finally had a monarch fly to another section of the backyard (not the garden), but it's progress and totally made my day.  Can't wait for the orchids to start blooming next month. 

Thinking about a new rainbow quilt design using the Modern Flying Geese design.  

Sending big, virtual hugs.  Xoxo. 

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Raspberry Lemonade Quilt

By Casey Corey

toddler girl running in front of quilt with toy

The Raspberry Lemonade Quilt is a refreshing pop of color and fun.  Our client had just ordered a set of the Party Babies Bib Set for a family expecting their second baby girl.  Then our client messaged me about a modern baby quilt to match the bib set.  Brilliant.  We immediately decided on the Modern Flying Geese design with a pink and yellow color way to match the balloon animal print in the Party Babies Bib Set.  And basically everything in this quilt went that way: quick and fun.  It was meant to be.  

modern flying geese quilt in sewing machine

The top of the quilt is seven different colors in a soft cotton.  The background color is a soft pink.  The flying geese start off with a bright pink and fade into a softer pink.  We picked white to anchor the middle and transition to the bright yellows.  Again, we wanted this quilt to pop.  The family went traditional pink with their first baby girl and were ready for a new twist on pink. 

Of course, the balloon animal print (where everything started) had to be the back for this quilt.  And a turquoise striped fabric binds it all together.  We hand stitched the binding in tight stitches so it’s durable and provides a seamless finish.  

toddler girl in front of quilt

Photographing this quilt was an experience.  It was one of the first shoots we did with Alice (she’s 2.5 years old in these photos).  We had a vision for a shot of her running around the quilt in an earth-toned dress with her strawberry blonde hair waving wild in the wind.  Well, she was particularly uncooperative on that hot, Florida summer day.  Our photographer assistant had to run around the quilt for a while to get her interested.  He worked up a nice sweat, but she finally decided to give it a whirl.  As a small, family-run business, we all have to pitch in.  Alice, included.  But, if we’re being honest, Alice wants to be included in everything so it works out. 

pink and yellow modern flying geese quilt

The finished quilt is 40” x 40” (baby size).  The straight line quilting provides the perfect texture and softness for snuggling, tummy time, and rolling over (but of course, durable enough for lots of machine washing).  

Interested in your own quilt for a little one?  Send an email to  We are currently accepting custom orders.  We can’t wait to work with you. 

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Beach Quilt

By Casey Corey

Beach Quilt

Laying out around 7’ x 7’, this quilt is as practical as it is pretty.  Our customer requested a custom quilt for a family of three that was soon to be a family of 4.  The family loves a good beach adventure and they wanted something that was practical, but fun.  And something that would let them all sit together while watching the waves crash.  Enter the Beach Quilt.  

Blue and Yellow Quilt on Beach

The Beach Quilt has a Terry Cloth backing (basically, a towel-like material).  It’s durable enough for laying on wet sand and repeated machine washing. And yet, still soft.  We really only believe in creating soft things here at Casey Sheila Quilts

The top of this modern handmade quilt is a cotton yellow and ombre blues.  The yellow is very light- maybe it reminds you of the sand or maybe the sun?  The ombre blues are reminiscent of crashing waves and the different layers of blue you see as you look through the water.  

Longarm quilting

Long-arm quilter, Pieced Pineapple Studio, LLC, chose a perfect blue thread to weave together the different layers.  She created soft, wave-like lines throughout the quilt to hold all three layers together (the yellow and blue top, the cotton batting, and the Terry Cloth backing). 

We finished the quilt with a dynamic gold speckled blue fabric on the edge.  The binding is machine stitched to ensure that this will be an art piece that lasts through baby messes, sand, wind, and watermelon.  

Yellow and Blue Quilt on Beach in Front of Lighthouse

And you know what?  This pattern is actually the Classic Squares Quilt pattern! There’s so much you can do when you play with different colors and textures.  Have an idea for a quilt? Send us an inquiry at  We love custom orders.  

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Summer Bib Sets

By Casey Corey

Summer Bib Sets

Summer bibs are here! 

Summer means sunshine, outdoor water adventures, sunscreen (lots of sunscreen), picnics, and icy cold beverages. We have just the bibs to catch those juicy watermelon drips. Or maybe just the teething drool (yes, teething yet again). We wanted these handmade baby bibs to be fun, playful, and delicious (just like your babe) so without further ado, we are pleased to introduce the…

baby bibs with gold rainbows, gold stripes, and gold stars

Golden Babies Bib Set

Gold rainbows, gold stripes, and gold stars. The golden trio. Just like all of our bib sets, the Golden Babies Bib Set is available in the Bandana or Long Form with either the Fleece or French Terry Cloth back. Although the bibs fit all babies from their newborn to toddler days, the Long Form comes with 2 snap closures so it can grow with your babe for longer. 

baby bibs with sloths, rainbow stripes, and greens

Lazy Babies Bib Set

Sloths?! Come on. Too cute. Anyone else have a lazy baby? No? Just my 10 month old baby who could definitely crawl but pretends like he can’t so I’ll pick him up and carry him everywhere? I didn’t think so ;) 

pink baby bibs with strawberries and dots
Strawbabies Bib Set

One of the iconic first foods to feed your babe… turns out that strawberries also make a great bib fabric, too. The set includes a solid pink and a sweet pink with white dots. All of the bibs come with a double stitch on top to increase durability and cuteness. The double stitching allows the bibs to hold their own with repeated machine washing, so they will be with you and your growing family for years to come.  

baby bibs with red and orange apples, greens, and green stripes
Apple Bottom Babies Bib Set


We’re a Honeycrisp apple family, but would take a Gala in a pinch. A green stripe bib and solid bright green bib round out this set. Sometimes your babe is in a really cute outfit, but can’t go the day without a bib (hi spit up, hi drool). We get it. That’s why there’s a solid colored bib in almost every set. The solid complements (instead of detracting from) those outfits you worked so hard to wrestle over those flailing arms and legs.  

baby bibs with colas and blues
And lastly, the Pop Babies Bib Set. 


Cherry flavored cola in a glass bottle on a modern baby quilt for that picnic? Yes, please. A fun teal colored bib and deep blue with white dots support the main attraction here. And yes, all of our other bibs are still available while quantities last. The bibs are made-to-order, but usually ship in 2-3 business days.  Thank you for sharing your babies with us: #caseysheilaquilts and @caseysheilaquilts.  




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Wild Things Collection

By Casey Corey

Wild Things Collection

“And now," cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!”

Our first book-inspired line, the Wild Things, is here! Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are is full of adventure, imagination, mischief, frustrating parenting moments, love, and warmth. The Wild Things Collection includes a handmade bib set, three modern baby quilt designs, and coordinating quilted pillow covers. Each design in this collection includes a heavy focus on gold- the crowned king deserves no less. 

Baby bibs


The bib set includes the classic colors associated with the book: gold (of course), white, and black. The colors and patterns have a strong, powerful energy. The set includes three bibs. They are each incredibly soft- soft enough even for our sensitive skin babes. They are available in both the bandana and long bib forms with either Fleece or French Terry Cloth backing. And of course, they are machine washable so they will last for years to come. Most certainly longer than Max’s adventure to rumpus with the wild things. 

Modern baby quilt on water

Meet “Wild Rumpus.” The first quilt and quilted pillow cover design in this collection. This design was inspired by the nighttime skies that Max sails and leads his rumpus through. The back is a gorgeous navy blue and gold stripe fabric. The horizontal straight line quilting creates a water-inspired texture running throughout this soft fabric. Perfect to lay across you and your baby (toddlers, especially) as you read your copy of Where the Wild Things Are. Oh yeah, did we mention yet that each quilt purchased from this collection comes with a new copy of the book?

Pink baby quilt on a tree

Next in line is: “Mischief of One Kind and Another.” It’s interesting that the colors usually associated with this book are gold, white, and black because there are so many pinks and yellows throughout. We took the pink and yellow from Max’s sailboat and brought it to a quilted form. The equilateral triangles represent the sailboat. The mix of light and darker pinks are the ocean waves crashing onto each other. The vertically stitched quilted lines and vertical lines of pinks and yellows on the back of the quilt evoke of sense of empowerment and confidence. Traits we often try to instill in our next generation.  

Green baby quilt

And finally: Max himself: “King of All Wild Things.” The forest greens of the vines hanging from Max’s ceiling and walls meets the cream and white equilateral triangles taken from Max’s crown. And of course, there’s fabric speckled with gold. The back of this quilt is a luscious green with metallic gold running up and down just like the vines and trees. And the quilt is wrapped up with a hand stitched binding filled with white and gold. 

Wild Things Collection Quilts and Pillows

Each quilt design is available in either the baby (40” x 40”) or toddler (40” x 50”) size. The quilted pillow covers are also available in either an 18” by 18” or 20” x 20” square. Custom square sizes are possible, just send an inquiry to Lastly, this is a limited edition collection so there is a finite number of each buttery soft product. But, if you’ve had your heart set on something and it sells out, please send an inquiry to As always, these items are made-to-order with love and attention to every detail. 

“And Max the king of all wild things was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him best of all.”

Happy reading snuggling. xoxo.  

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Currently: June

By Casey Corey

Currently: June

Is it really June?  I’m pretty sure it’s still March. It’s Friday and I just picked up Alice from daycare with Dylan in tow.  It was a hard week for her.  We traded in her diapers for pink, mermaid underwear and she was learning to use the restroom at school.  She gave her teachers a hug good bye (I thought it was strange, they don’t usually go in for a hug) and I exchanged the normal pleasantries with them (thank you for taking care of my girl, have a great weekend, etc…).  Then I got home and saw the email that day care was closing down for the foreseeable future.  Oh, now I understood the hug.  Anyway, it just feels like time has stood still during the lockdown but since it really is June, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Listening to the Alessia Cara (children’s) pandora station.  I still listen to the pandora with commercials. Ha. 

Watching Gilmore Girls all over again.  I just started season 5.  Rory is in her second year at Yale, she just met Logan (team Logan, for sure) and Lorelai is dating Luke.  This might be my favorite season. 

Wanting a work out.  I missed the last 2 days because our a/c broke and was getting replaced.  So grateful for the small wall unit in our back room that kept us cool. 

Making rosemary/olive oil bread in the Zojirushi today.  Alice loves to fill up the measuring cups.  And by fill them up, I mean spill the flour all over the place.

Sewing the summer bib sets.  There will be 5 (!!) new sets of handmade baby bibs.  Mark your calendars- They are being released Tuesday, June 23! AND AND just finished the Wild Things Collection.  Really, really excited.  The collection is launching next week!! Tuesday, June 16!!

Reading The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed by Jessica Lahey.  Enjoyed the first half, but the second half seems more geared for older kids so I don’t quite connect with that yet.  Kind of seems impossible that Alice and Dylan will be teenagers or even adults one day. 

Loving these Dear Stella Honey Bee fabrics: beehives and hedgehogs.  Come onnnn. Would so love to use this for the back on a modern baby quilt for someone.  Send me an email if you’re my person:

Feeling grateful that I get to spend all this time with my kiddos and husband, but stressed with all of the uncertainties in the future.  I’m.a.planner. 

Thinking about my momma.  Wondering how she would handle all of this.  

Sending you all big virtual hugs.  Thanks for being here :)

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