Baby Girl Bib Guide

By Casey Corey

Baby Girl Bib Guide

Yesterday, we released the Baby Boy Bib Guide. Today, we are pleased to present the Baby Girl Bib Guide! And tomorrow, we will show you the Gender Neutral (Team Green!) Baby Bib Guide. 

These are our five top picks for our modern, handmade baby bibs, but you can find all of our baby girl bibs under the bib section in our menu. 

pink surfer girl baby bib set

Without further ado, our first pick is is the Surfer Girl Baby Bib Set. This set is all things pink, fierce, and independent. Miss I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T.

sandy piper baby bib set

Our next pick is the Sandy Baby Bib Set. All things beachy and chill. Perfect for the observant baby girl in your life. Those big, sweet eyes watching and taking in everything you do.

pink floral baby bib set

You can’t go wrong with the Nina Baby Bib Set. A limited set released earlier this summer that is all things girly and feminine. Pink and floral, but with a side of sass in the spikes succulents can be found in one of the prints. Once this set is sold out, it’s gone forever.

While we’re on the floral route, Les Fleurs Babies Bib Set is a personal favorite. She’s soft with a strong punch. The bold reds and yellows in this set spice the usual delicate flower print.

And for a festive pink set, be sure to check out the Beary Merry Babies Bib Set. Love the cute polar bears carrying Christmas trees. Pink plaid and a “Merry” fabric print fill out this fun, festive set. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Can’t wait to make a set for the baby girl in your life!