How to Store Baby Bibs

By Casey Corey

How to Store Baby Bibs

You have the cutest handmade baby bibs from Casey Sheila Quilts. Baby is due any day and you need something to distract yourself from the waiting. Or maybe you’re not like me and you’re already organizing well before baby is due (nice work, mama!). Either way, you’re ready to organize the baby bibs. By my third baby, I gave up on anything gram or Pinterest worthy and just focused on what was practical for my family. (Not to say that bib storage can’t be gram/Pinterest worthy and functional! It can! I just didn’t have the energy with this baby). So here are my top functional storage picks:
Baby bibs hanging on a hanger on the back of a door

Put those modern, handmade bibs on a hanger. Snap them on the hanger. Put them on the hanger right next to your burp cloths and swaddles. Make sure they’re in a place that they’re easy to grab with one hand. That way you don’t have to put a fussy baby down just to get a bib.

Baby bibs laying in a basket
Baby bibs laying in a basket

Organize them in a basket by the changing pad. I often change my newborns halfway through a feeding to wake them up and finish off the feed. The end of a feed is usually accompanied by some spit up so it’s nice to have them right there to throw on baby when she’s done eating. Pro of this stage idea is that you don’t have to worry about snapping them on and off. Just fold them (or throw them- no one is judging you for your bib storage) in the basket. 

Bibs by door organizer
Bibs placed in an over the door organizer with toddler hand on top

Over the door organizer on door with bibs peeking out
Place them in an over the door organizer. This keeps them out of view and easy to grab when you’re walking in and out of the room. Tip: get your toddler to

Baby bibs hanging on blanket ladder leaning against exterior brick wall

Other big storage ideas that are practical- store them in a drawer just below the changing pad. I love the idea of drawer dividers for this. Hang them on a blanket ladder. Display them on a clothes line on the wall. Hang from a command hook on the back of baby’s high chair if you use them at meal time (I would think about toddlers grabbing them and throwing them on the ground if you have toddlers in the house, too).

However you store them, make sure it’s practical for you! When you’re done using them, throw them in the wash and you’ll be ready for the next time baby needs her bib.